Our Classrooms



Our infant room teachers use Pinnacle Curriculum.  We like this curriculum for the basics that infants begin to learn at this age.  The curriculum helps to guide the teachers to ensure your little one is progressing developmentally.  Children are NEVER too young to learn!  For more information on this curriculum, flow the link:  




For this age group, as the child is becoming more advanced and ready to learn, we felt that we needed to add to the Pinnacle Curriculum.  The curriculum takes the basics of Pinnacle, and then each day is enhanced and more guidance is given to the teachers through more detailed lesson plan descriptions. We have worked closely with Smarty Pants Online Training, a company that provides educational courses to childcare teachers, to develop our customized curriculum.



Our two year and three year classrooms use curriculum developed by Smarty Pants Online Training.  Each lesson is developmentally appropriate for each age level.  We believe in challenging the children to their full potential and each day has fully planned activities and lessons to keep them learning.



Cornerstone Academy provides a private Pre-K program. This curriculum is provides an  enhanced program to our pre-K students.  Some of the things you can expect from our curriculum are:

  • Developmentally appropriate activities that adhere to industry standards
  • Clearly stated learning objectives to help facilitate learning in all domains
  • Flexible programming to accommodate varied learning styles
  • Carefully selected themes that capture children’s interest
  • Long-range goals linked to Key Standards
  • Interactive activities that help children develop a love for learning while they are growing, playing, and having fun
  • Comprehensive Age-Specific Programs for  Threes, and Pre-K.



Each of our classrooms has their own developmentally appropriate playground.  It has taken us 10 years to complete this project and each playground has many activities available to ensure your child is receiving plenty of outdoor  fun play. Complete with multiple surfaces,  riding tracks and awesome play structures, your child will never want to leave!